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Free Introductory Session

Finding a counselor who is a good fit can be difficult!

Feel free to request a free half hour introductory session. This gives you an opportunity to learn more about me and what I do, and I can learn more about how I can specifically support you.

Free Intro

Life Reentry®

"You can do the impossible because you have been through the unthinkable."

— Christina Rasmussen, Founder of the Life Reentry Institute


When we experience a significant loss, life can feel uncomfortable and moving forward can feel scary. As we struggle to find a new normal, we can get stuck in an endless loop instead of taking steps on our journey toward healing and participating in life again. In Life Reentry®, we call this stagnant space of being “The Waiting Room.” This is the mental space we inhabit while waiting for time to heal our wounds. The longer we reside in this space, the more our minds reenact habitual patterns of grief and story—a pattern that is then reinforced in our brains on a physical, neurological level. Our brain chemistry is altered by the stories we repeat to ourselves and others.

The Life Reentry® Model is a grief therapy practice that provides you with a supportive structure to begin shifting from a “waiting room” mindset to one of reentry. Sessions will support you in understanding the many layers of grief and discovering steps unique to you for reentering life, a life where it is possible to love, dream, and thrive again.

Life Reentry

Grief &Loss Support

One Grief Cannot Describe Another

After we experience a loss, the grief we experience is unique unto ourselves. The circumstances of our loss, the anniversaries, and reminders we face on a daily basis are experiences that no one else can understand. While this can be isolating, there are common aspects of grief which are more universally shared among those who have experienced loss: people saying insensitive or unrelatable expressions of support, finding comfort from the least likely people or experiences, and the unending litany of casseroles. Our lives are inexorably changed.


We often find ourselves managing the grief of those around us and how other's respond to our grief, which isolates us even more in the world we thought we knew. Through my own experiences and training, I can help you to work through these changes that seem to compound your existing loss and find peace in this new world. 

Grief & Loss Support

Online Support Groups and classes for all types of grief

I am pleased to be offering a variety of online support groups in a small class format in collaboration with Bannister Advisors and Studio Saudade. 

Together, we are offiering classes like "Grief 101"

Grief  Support Classes

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