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Below are people I have come to know and respect in my growing healing and support community. I am grateful for all they do to support others in healing, growing and facing life's challenges.

Rachel Quon - Evolving my Pah

Evolving My Path |

Rachel Quon

Rachel is a Certified Emotion CodeTMBody CodeTM Practitioner & Intuitive for People, Animals & Career/Businesses by Phone. The Emotion/Body Code technique easily identifies and removes trapped emotions and other energetic baggage that can stress and imbalance the body and mind. Rachel's intuition allows her to share insights about her client's career/purpose/talents and receive communications from loved ones that have passed on. 

Vanessa Laughlin MBA_Banister Advisors_S

Banister Advisors, LLC™ |

Vanessa Laughlin

Vanessa founded Banister Advisors after her father-in-law died from an unexpected health crisis.  Banister now helps clients gracefully navigate life’s most overwhelming challenges. This includes concerns such as health crisis management, complex eldercare situations, end-of-life circumstances, bereavement after major loss, and multi-dimensional estate settlement needs. 

Vanessa is a 40 Under 40 Award Finalist with the Puget Sound Business Journal


Grief Coach, PBC |

Emma Payne

Among being a writer, singer and consultant, Emma runs a company called Grief Coach, PBC, which delivers personalized tips and reminders via text message, to people who are grieving, and the friends and family who want to support them, but often just don't know how. They work with individuals as well as  hospices, tissue banks, employers, non-profits and other organizations who provide support after a loss.


Studio Saudade. SPC |

Rebecca L. Mullins

Rebecca founded Studio Saudade to serve people in sustainable and meaningful ways as they navigate profound moments in their lives. Believing that Death is not the end of a story — it’s an opportunity to share it, she helps you and your loved ones find meaningful pathways so you can experience and share the complex landscape of emotions that come with love and loss.


The Grief and Rebirth Podcast |

Irene Weinberg

Irene is an author and podcaster on grief, healing and spirituality. After the tragic death of her husband, Irene  has embarkerd on a healing journey from devastating loss to a renewed sense of inner strength, spiritual wisdom and passion for life. She shares her journey through her podcast interviews with grief and trauma specialists, healers, mediums and people who have inspiring stories to share.

You can listen to her interview with me he here! Grief And Rebirth 45: Brian Hartzman— Grief Coach, Life Re-Entry Coach and Death Doula


Fit for Joy |

Valeria Teles

Valeria has spent most of this life searching for joy and fulfillment, both personally and professionally. She speaks, coaches, and writes about emotional healing and spiritual growth. She loves having conversations that can inspire the realization of our inherent wholeness. 

Valeria has created platforms to share and promote healing wisdom grounded in direct experience as well as informed by empowering practices, tools, and messages. 
Fit for Joy is a community of open-hearted individuals who envision the embodiment of our interconnectedness — as humanity.

You can listen to her interview with me he here! Healing Conversation #611: Brian Hartzman— Grief Is The Price Of Love

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