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Not Another Support Group

A social gathering for widowers to hang out and create new friendships with others who "get it"

Every Last Tuesday of the Month

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Widowers hanging out with others who "get it"

Some support group environments aren't always structured in a comfortable manner.


Furthermore, socializing with people who haven't experienced loss can be equally uncomfortable.


So, this event is an opportunity to socialize with other men who "get it."



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What is "Not Another Support Group"?

There are plenty of "support groups" for people who have experienced loss in their lives. 

For some men, our personal beliefs compounded by pressures we feel from our community can make it difficult to display or even admit to our grief and difficulty adjusting.


This is an place to foster community and develop new friendships with other men who "get it" - men who have experienced a significant loss. This will hopefully be a respite from the awkward world of grief.

There is no fee for these events.

But I do chat with participants before joining to ensure that they are a good fit for the group, and the group remains a safe place for all participants.

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