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I've done a few podcast interviews since I've started on this journey as a grief counselor, and my ability to speak has evolved just as my growth through my grief has evolved. Below is a podcast/interview I did with Robin Gargano, who held a symposium called "Beauty within Tragedy" - a series of conversations around how people found growth and positive change out of tragic events in their lives. This is probably my longest interview, but also covers the compounding growth out of various setbacks in my life, and how they have influenced who I am and the work I do today.

The symposium is over and the videos are no longer posted, but I have the original video available below. The description of our conversation from the symposium was as follows:


Meet Brian Hartzman!

Grief Counselor ~ Life Reentry Practitioner ~ Death Doula

“I really came to understand that grief is a loss of an expected future. You know what your future is going to be and all of a sudden it evaporates right in front of you. ” - Brian

Walking with a loved one through terminal illness is a difficult and painful process. Terminal illness, such as cancer, can consume the caregivers entire life, resulting in depression and a lack of self-care. The mindset of the caregiver becomes extremely important. Terminal illness can easily create depression and turmoil, but it can also put the focus on what truly matters in life. Supporting someone through such a hardship reminds us of the importance of love, adventure, and being grounded in the present moment. If we can find the beauty within the tragedy then we will become incredibly resilient.

Today, Brian Hartzman shares the story of his experience walking with his wife, Melissa, through her battle with breast cancer. Brian and I discuss the emotional ups and downs of terminal illness. As the caregiver, Brian, exerted hope, positivity, and strength. Brain also experienced immense grief as he watched his wife become sicker. After her death, Brian hit rock bottom and finally sought healing. Now, Brian is a Grief and Loss Support and Life Reentry Practitioner. He helps others, especially men, walk through their own grief and discover a new way to live. Tune in to hear a story of immense tragedy, resilience, and hope! What You Will Discover in this interview:

  • A husband and wife's mindset while walking through cancer

  • Carrying children through the process of terminal illness

  • How hitting rock bottom begins to heal and turn to purpose

  • Understanding the role of a Death Doula

What I loved most about this interview was looking through the lens of a husband eyes. Understanding the care-giver role while leaning into the moments in life we all should never take for granted. Enjoy a story of immense tragedy, resilience, and hope! Warmly,

Robin Gargano

L4, LLC | Founder

Resiliency Strategy Coach ~ Author ~ Impact Speaker


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