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Life Reentry Practitioner

Brian Hartzman

About Brian 

Brian is a certified Life Reentry® Practitioner through the Life Reentry® Institute. After growing from his own grief following the loss of his wife, Brian began exploring and pursuing ways to support others who have also experienced loss.


He provides counseling and coaching services remotely or in-person (in Seattle) for individuals seeking to find a new footing in life following a life altering change or loss.  He also founded and leads a widowers group in Seattle (Not Another Support Group), so men can commune and socialize with others who "get it."

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Available by phone, zoom/skype, or in-person (in Seattle).

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Navigating and Comprehending Loss

When someone loses an appendage or part of their physical body, their brain is unable to process the change. A person is left with phantom feelings and expectations. The brain expects to touch something and then reasons there must be something wrong with the outside world since it can't comprehend that part of the body is now missing. 

Similarly, with a traumatic loss, your brain (and you) have a tough time rationalizing part of you is now gone - instead it feels as though something is wrong with the world around you.

Regardless of your loss - spouse, family member, job, divorce - it is my goal to support you in processing your loss and finding your way to your new life ahead!

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